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"Stoney" below 6 years old August at LA 2019 in RUT

Flat Rock's Rosetta Stone +B

DOB 04/13/13 *DNA*

2017 LA 91 EEE 4 yrs.

2018 LA 90 EVE 5 yrs.

2019 LA 90 VEE 6 yrs.

Sire: AGS Flat Rocks Gallifrey

Sire: AGS Irish Whisper Harry Potter +B

Dam: AGS Flat Rocks Gem Sea Urchin

Dam: AGS Flat Rocks Madame Rosemerta

Sire: AGS Irish Whisper Harry Potter +B

Dam: AGS Steele Ballew Adolla Dolly

Mr. Grace Below LA August 2018 in RUT

Flat Rock's Savin' Grace

DOB 04/16/15

LA 2017 84 +V+ 2 yrs

LA 2018 87 VVV 3 yr.s

Sire: Flat Rock's Expecto Patronum +B

    Sire: AGS Irish Whisper Harry Potter +B

        Sire: Gay-Mor's Lucky Northrup King *S

            Sire: ARMCH Twin Creeks LS Luck of the Draw +*S E

            Dam: Gay-Mor JJU Krysanthemum 2*D AR E90.35

         Dam: Gay-Mor's RA Wood Nymph

    Dam: Flat Rock's Mythril Silver

         Sire: Irish Whisper Harry Potter +B

         Dam: Flat Rock's Silver Lining

Dam: AGS Five Alarm Grace

            Sire: AGS Flat Rocks Numbscull

                  (Maternal brother to MCH FR Surprise *D)

            Dam: AGS Five Alarm High Society 

21 Gun below LA August 2019 in RUT

Buttin'Heads 21 Gun Salute

DOB 04/25/15 *DNA*

LA 2019 84 +EE 4 yrs.

Sire: Buttin'Heads Stapal Gun EEE90

    Sire: SGCH Buttin'Heads Palimony ++*B EEE90

         Sire: Buttin"Heads Pajamars

         Dam: GCH/ARMCH Buttin"Heads Wedding Song *M 3*D

    Dam: GCH Buttin'Heads Zipper Pea 1 *M VVEE90

Dam: Buttin'Heads Panache VVVV87

   Sire: Buttin'Heads PanPipes *B +EV 85

         Sire: CH Rosasharn's UMT Pippin *B *S

         Dam: GCH Buttin"Heads Ambrosa *M

    Dam: GCH Buttin"Heads Black Iredsh Rose 2 *M VEEE90

         Sire: Buttin"Heads Galziping Ghost *S

         Dam: GCH/ARMCH Buttin"Heads Wedding Song *M 3*D

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